Customer Oriented


Polytec customer-oriented organization places customer satisfaction at the core of corporate strategies. In line with the company’s approach to sales and customer relations, its staff primary task is to assist customers in meeting their long-term needs.

Feasibility Study

Polytec field of activity includes feasibility studies, the design, the implementation, the installation and the service of its robotic applications, all duly performed by its skilled staff.

Good feasibility studies with 3D volume acquisition by means of laser scanning allow to evaluate the purchase of major equipment or new automation systems and help customers understand the impact of any consistent changes they may contemplate and take a decision accordingly.


Systems are engineered on the basis of customer specific requirements. Thanks to customized solutions and R&D studies, it is possible to achieve the best results in terms of yield and performance.

3D modeling and rendering simulation of a robot and its environment allow to emulate the motion of an actual robot in a real working envelope and to write and conveniently debug robotics programming.

This practice shows the practical feasibility of a project, saving time and costs and clearly highlighting the relevant benefits.


Machine assembly on site. Recreation of actual robotic cells as they will later look like when installed in the plant of a customer, with simulation of all environmental conditions and plant operations as well as subsequent fine-tuning of the systems according to those conditions.

Polytec welcomes its customers to its premises, where they can see their robot, test it and discuss its performance before it is dispatched to its factory.


In accordance with customer requirements, Polytec directly supervises both installation and commissioning under the coordination of the relevant Project Manager in order to make sure that the machine is designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained according to its operational requirements.

Thanks to the “plug & play” concept, new robotic cells can be easily and quickly installed in both existing and new plants. Technical assistance and training during preliminary tests as well as at the production stage are always guaranteed.


A technical team is available full-time to provide prompt assistance and remote supervision services when needed. Thanks to its know-how in the steel sector, Polytec is able to offer robotic systems that can be fully integrated with the customer existing systems.

Polytec considers on-site user training and continuous training as its flagship services; staying constantly in contact with the users of a system is a way to get useful feedback and precious suggestions to improve and customize products, thus reducing maintenance works.