Bin Picking plant for Bayker Italia S.p.A.

New solution for material handling and palletizing.

BM Group Polytec has successfully completed the robotized Bin Picking plant for IPERCERAMICA, a brand of Bayker Italia S.p.A.
Iperceramica, the largest Italian stores chain selling floors, walls, parquet and bathroom furnishings, has entrusted BM Group Polytec for the construction of the new robotized bin picking plant, a concrete example of solution 4.0.
The objectives of the investment were to reduce the loads handled by the operators, who currently carry out the preparation of the shipment and, consequently, to prevent diseases and injuries resulting from the handling of heavy loads. Furthermore, with the inclusion of the new cell, it will be possible to increase production efficiency and standardize the preparation of packages for shipment.
The plant covers an area of 200 square meters: a first depalletizing robot runs on a linear axis and picks up the material by type needed from the 20 loading bays. Thanks to the 3D vision system implemented on the gripper, the robot automatically decides how to pick up the parcel from the individual bays and places it on a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt, about 21 meters long, transports the packages of single material to another robot. The division into sections of the main belt optimizes transport times and enables the accumulation function. The second robot called palletizer, takes the individual ceramic packages and deposits them in an orderly way, according to a software processing, on a pallet: at the end of the sequence, the pallet will be ready to be sent to the customer. Palletizing takes place on two exit roller conveyors each consisting of an area dedicated to the formation of the pallet and a safe area where the operator can complete the pallet or labeling, any first packaging, quality control or pick-up for transport to packaging . In the rear position of the palletizing robot, a manual loading station has also been provided for the insertion of small lots or to integrate the load with packages missing from the order.

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