Final Acceptance Certificate for PolyTAG FC installed at Gerdau Jackson

Polytec Robotics is worldwide leader in robotic solutions for steel industry.

JACKSON TN: Gerdau has signed the Final Acceptance Certificate for the PolyTAG FC robot supplied by Polytec Robotics.
This smart robot system automatically tags and counts different types of bundles (flat, angle, square, channel, rebar).
Another functionality, implemented after the robot’s installation, is the missing strapped feature search, that allows the identification of the missing strap in the bundle and the automatic application in the existing strapping station. 

Project’s Team:

Vanni Scalvini / Nicola Bertoni (PM)

Stefano Conci (Mechanical Supervisor)

Omar Tomasi / Valentino Bazzoli (PLC / Robot Technicians)

Michal Corradi / Alberto Bugna (Vision Technicias)

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