A new Milestone towards 4.0 at HES Germany

Polytec Robotics is worldwide leader in robotic solutions for steel industry.

BERLIN (D). Polytec Robotics obtained an order for a hot billets tagging robot PolyTAG BLE, integrated with the new system PolySHAPE, that’s able to scan and detect the billet’s surface measuring the diagonals, performing a 3D scanning on the upper and bottom faces of the billet. Matching the points, it retraces the profile. Calculating the difference between the diagonals lengths, it can generate a warning in case of different values.

Before the reheating furnace, two tags reader reads and checks the material’s accuracy in production and the tracking system of the plant is updated with these data. Wifi connected guns allow to read each billet on the pile.

This integrated solution supplied by Polytec Robotics guarantees the totally process and product’s traceability on continuous casting machines.

This german steelplant already empowered its products & process on finishing mill with a full automatic bundle bars tagging robot PolyTAG F (always Polytec Robotics brand) and is going to complete the tracking system of the cranes for the handling of bundle bars. This upgrade, a concrete example of 4.0 modernization, will allow the complete tracking from continuous casting ladle to the finishing mill.

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