PolySANITIZE: A safe gate for all.

A plug&play solution to ensure sanitizing and access control, in only four easy steps.

NEW SOLUTION by Polytec!

The passage is completely automated and combines all steps required by the procedure in few seconds: temperature detection, hand hygiene, sanitizing clothing and accessories. Not only. The solution can be modulated and implemented with specific functions, on request, such as facial recognition and correct use of the mask.

“BM Group Polytec found the opportunity in the difficulty. With this product, we wanted to make our small contribution to restarting safely following the CODIV-19 emergency. Italy is a country of inventors and innovators so we started working. From the problem of safely managing staff access (and exits) in the company, we have developed a plug&play solution that facilitates this new procedure to the utmost, reducing timing and ensuring safety for all. We have adapted technologies that we use every day for automation platforms and robotic cells, making them available to everyone.”


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