Polytec arrives in the US


The US steel market has been gained by the technology and the experience of Polytec. GERDAU, global giant in the steel production has chosen its first robot, the robot PolyEYE of Polytec, for its plant in Petersburg (VA).
The interest in high performing robotics solutions, able to guarantee maximum operator safety, an increase in productivity and cost reduction, combined with the reliability that the BM Group company can ensure thanks to its proven experience in the steel, have been the key to access to the US.

The range of steel robots Polytec involves the complete production process, from raw material to finished product. Together with PolySAMPLE EAF, the robots for EAF sample and measurement, PolyLAB, the robotized cell for sample analysis and PolyEBT, the robot for the opening of EBT obstruction, PolyEYE belongs to the specific robots for meltshop, and it’s the first landed to US.

PolyEYE is a full automatic cell for the furnace inspection: it automatically enters the furnace and inspects it thanks to high quality cameras. The special high temperature lenses combined with the filters and the special wide range frequency industrial cameras help the operator to evaluate the status of cooling panels and bricks, prevent water leakages and increase the safety in case of doubt. The arm of cameras enters inside the furnace to guarantee a 360° view of the furnace.

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