2016 SEPTEMBER 21-23

PARMA (IT) On 22nd September, during the 36° AIM Conference, Polytec will speak about “Robotic solutions for meltshop”. Polytec and Acciaierie Beltrame will present PolyCAST, a multi tool robotic application able to automize the operations on CCM like: Lancing in case of metal cork, ladle shroud positioning, ladle shroud cleaning, T&S lance for measuring and sampling, powder distribution. A new step towards Industry 4.0.

ROOM 1 – PROCESS & PLANTS III        at 6 p.m.
M. Vezzola – BM Group, Borgo Chiese
F. Ferretti – Polytec srl, Borgo Chiese
V. Forti – AFV Acciaierie Beltrame spa, Vicenza

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