Polytec: Purchase Order for a 4’’ Tube Bending Cell for steel and aluminum elbows production from the Zekelman Industries

Polytec, reliable partner for customized smart robotics.

PICOMA Plant (Cambridge, Ohio). BMGroupUSA has received a purchase order for a complete cell that, through the use of two Tube Bending Machines and three handling Robots, will allow a high production and finishing of steel and aluminum elbows to connect steel EMT and rigid conduit, as well as aluminum rigid conduit, in a full automatic process without any manual operation. This proposed solution greatly improves production’s cycle and capacity and it also allows: the Production of finished products with high quality standard and tolerances with guarantee of process cycle, the Storing of all necessary production recipes (production database) for an automatic setting and adjusting of the bending and bundling parameters, the Safety improvement because no operators’ access to dangerous areas of operation is needed. The System is scheduled to be installed in April 2020.

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