The robotic system for Carcano previewed at the Aluminum USA fair

Polytec, reliable partner for customized smart robotics.

ITALY. The robotized cell for automatic plate removal and replacement in the CFF (Ceramic Foam Filter) designed and manufactured by Polytec is going to be installed.

The robot provides a reversible multifunction tool that allows: the vision system and supervision of filter’s internal area by the operator in the pulpit, the removal of the exhausted plate weighing 35 / 40 Kg, cleaning of the filter housing area, the collection of the new ceramic filter from the warehouse and internal positioning, the opportunity to command and supervision the robot from the pulpit operator or command of the HMI missions on the Flex Pendant robot near cells fences. A new milestone in the plant towards a 4.0 approach to production.

Carcano Antonio S.p.A. is one of the most important companies
at European level in the field of aluminum foil flexible packaging (destination: confectionery, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.). It is also active in technology sectors, especially cable shielding, insulation and thermo-acoustic isolation. The excellence of its product is supported by an aluminum foil self-produced at the highest levels of quality and characteristics.

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