Continuous Casting



PolyCAST is a multi tool robotic application able to automize the operations on continuous casting like: Lancing in case of metal cork, ladle shroud positioning, ladle shroud cleaning, T&S lance for measuring and sampling, powder distribution.



A robot with painting head and high water pressure constitute the cell.
The robot and the label machine are included in the container in order to simplify the installation.
The painting system is specially engineered to use a non-toxic high temperature resistant paint.



The robot and the label machine are included in the container in order to simplify the installation. The label is positioned on the billet, fixed and welded in the point envisioned, through a metal nail. The labels application head is mounted on a recoil system in order to protect it from blows, allowing a safe approach on billet.



The new robotic system PolySHAPE developed by Polytec Robotics is engineered and developed to have a dimensional scan of the billet, bloom, beam blank and slab surface, in order to identify a range of dimensional and cutting defects. Specific algorithms concatenate few scans of the part, elaborate this information acquired and generate a 3D model of the part, then the software can extrapolate few sections and calculate the average for a stable and reliable measure. The system is engineered to work in the harsh environment of the Continuous Casting Machine.

PolySHAPE is equipped with a specific 3D machine vision sensor able to acquire precise profiles on hot metals, synchronize with the robot position generate a 3D precise images of the product. The cell has also a thermal camera included in the head to refer to each 3D point also a thermal value, this result is used to compare the real dimensions with the theoretical one at the real temperature, is also useful for check the cooling homogeneity and find the correlations between defects and inhomogeneity. The inline analysis on each billet, bloom, beam blank, slab increases the safety of the operators, reduces the quantity of scrap, helps to identify the correlation of the production parameters and the defects during the operations and have an immediate feedback about the strand where the defect is located. The system is normally integrated within a robust PolyTAG BLE tagging robot and allows to measure the shape of the billet head.

PolySHAPE 2018


PolyREAD is a billets identification system positioned before the entry of re-heating furnace. The system is able to identify incoming billets in the reheating furnace, by reading the Labels printed by Polytec robot PolyTAG BLE.

PolyREAD 2017